"APAS aluminum industry assembling system" is committed to providing perfect design for factory automation and engineering industry solutions!Our mission: industrial assembly system in the domestic market because of "aipusi" and change.

Industrial aluminum profiles assembly system

Industrial aluminum profiles assembly system

European standard industrial aluminum profiles and fastening flexible parts can adapt to a variety of special needs, APAS industrial aluminum assembly system suitable for non-standard equipment, work station and industrial assembly lines and conveyor belt, testing equipment and safety protection system, electronic and automotive parts assembly production line etc..


Flexible conveyor system

Flexible conveyor system

Flexible chain conveyor conveying surface smooth, friction is small, the transition material on the conveying line between the smooth, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, cans and other materials, but also transport all kinds of luggage. Chain plate material: carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic chain, according to the needs of your product can choose different chain plate width, different shape to complete the transport plane, plane curve, lifting, decreased requirements.


The fence and protection system

The fence and protection system

Industrial fencing system for independent systems to meet different customer needs and individual design, lateral plane design so that the overall look more beautiful, fastening form adjustable to make products more reliable, the plate can be installed mesh, acrylic plate, aluminum plate and other different.



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  • Industrial aluminum fence
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APAS Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. to provide the European standard industrial aluminum quality and special flexible connectors, widely used in factory equipment, industrial automation, machinery manufacturing, industrial production lines and flexible manufacturing field.

      To provide customers: frame structure, automated production line, safety guards on machinery, detection, industrial fence, security fence, workbench, industrial machinery hand operation platform system, industrial system of escalators and non-standard conveyor line, conveyor components, assembly line, chain plate line etc..

      APAS aluminum industrial assembly system can realize the high-efficient, Ling industrial equipment activation, material simple, on top of that, we also provide solutions to customers design services, professional profile processing and the whole assembly, perfect!

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APAS industrial assembly systems - realize your ideas

APAS industrial aluminum assembly system is suitable for a variety of tasks, such as table, conveyor, machinery, equipment, fence frame exhibition facilities etc.. The framework uses the high strength aluminum alloy profiles and accessories; easy assembly, easy disassembly; can be used as a conveyor frame, factory facilities, machine frame, partitions etc..

apas industrial assembly systems

Wire rod system & Table

Bar system with freedom and flexibility is very high, and the assembly is convenient, non technical personnel can successfully build storage shelves, shelves.

Provide a variety of workbench production requirements, more and more used in industrial pipeline, automated production machinery industry. Including anti-static workbench, assembly line work table, bar table etc..

Aluminum table

Conveying system modularization

The conveyor is widely used, can according to the conveying workpiece, different load to choose ability and work environment.

bc210 belt conveyor


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